Amber Van Winkle LMT OBMT# 20386

About me
I grew up here in the Pacific Northwest and, while I have lived/travelled/worked in various places this is my home and the place I love. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and sustained an injury as a teenager that caused a great deal of pain. Over the years following I struggled with giving up my passion for swimming. I taught and coached swimming for 11 years but experienced chronic pain as a result. I was given a gift certificate for a massage from a family member and I was amazed at the instant relief from the pain I was experiencing. Following the massage I was pain free for the first time in years. I immediately decided to go massage school and haven’t looked back. 
I attended The Milan Institute in San Antonio Texas. There I was very blessed to have exceptional teachers who fed my passion for therapeutic massage. Since then I’ve had the privilege of working with some highly experienced massage therapists who have been generous enough to mentor me. This kind of hands-on mentorship has been pivotal to my growth as an LMT. In 2014 I finally made it back to Oregon.  Since then I have spent 4 years learning a form of shamanic healing based on somatic experiencing, and three years learning craniosacral therapy.
I began my experience offering healing touch in 2011 by studying and becoming certified in Reiki. Soon after, in 2012, I attended massage school. Over the years my understanding of healing and working with the human body has evolved and shifted. Initially, my training and methodology were focused on working with deeper, harder manual therapy methods such as deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. While I still see the benefits of these when necessary, my understanding of the needs of the body to heal has grown. As I evolved as a practitioner and witnessed the healing experiences of many clients, I developed a deep respect and understanding of the innate wisdom and transformational ability within each individual human body. Over the past 6 years I have developed a much more nuanced and gentle method of bodywork based on my training in craniosacral, myofascial therapies, somatic healing, and gentle but effective neuromuscular therapy. My focus is on how the body can naturally return to balance with gentle touch and facilitation from a caring and supportive practitioner. I’ve become fascinated with the mind, body, spirit connection and how recognizing ourselves as a holistic organism rather than a compartmentalized one, leads us to deeper healing. I offer a deeply grounded presence in my sessions as well as an advanced understanding of the human body and the healing process. I come to the healing arts with clear and full intention to help every individual move through their process and come to a more balanced and embodied experience. 
In addition to the work listed, I also have advanced training and expertise in pregnancy massage, pain management/injury healing, TBI/Concussion support, MVA/Auto Accident support and healing, scar and burn scar release, neuromuscular therapy, and interpersonal shamanic somatic work taught to me by Rosemary Beam and Elle Rosenburge at Rising Fire

Picture of Amber Van Winkle LMT.