Gift certificates are available for both new and returning clients. They must be purchased directly either in person of by phone. Please call Roxanne at
(541) 653 1341 to purchase a gift certificate. New clients seeing Sarah are eligible for 20% off their first 60 or 90 minute session. New clients seeing Sage are eligible for 20% off their first 90 minute session which will be applied to the gift certificate price. 

You can also treat your loved one to a series of three sessions with either Sarah or Sage at a discount of $50 off the whole package. These should also be purchased directly at (541) 653 1341. Packages will expire 3 months from purchase. 

These will be saved under your loved one's name and a beautiful paper certificate can be mailed or picked up in Sellwood for gifting purposes. 


Roxanne giving a massage safetly wearing masks.


30 minutes.                           $55

60 minutes                           $100

75 minutes                           $120

90 minutes                           $135

Pelvic Wellness/                   $150

Holistic Pelvic Care©

90 minutes

(this is currently offered by Roxanne only)

Follow up Pelvic Wellness     $125

60 minutes

(this is currently offered by Roxanne only)


Initial Consultation               $115

Follow Up                           $55

Mini Consult                        $25

(Currently offered by Roxanne only)

* Mini Consults are offered at the practitioner's discretion. 

**If you haven't been seen in a year plus and your health has changed significantly you may need to have an initial consultation, please call (541) 653 1341 for more information)


Yoga Ball                             $20

Small Self Treatment Ball       $5


Herbal Tea Blend                  $15 6 oz

Herbal Tincture Blend            $25 2 oz


**Please Note**Roxanne is currently credentialed with Regence BCBS and Pacific Source, and Providence. Sarah and Sage are in the process of becoming enrolled but this may take several months. If you want to Regence please schedule your appointments with Roxanne** 

Direct billing for massage therapy available for motor vehicle injury claims, Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Providence and Pacific Source. MODA is pending. If you are insured with Moda please reach out to me and I can contact you once that process is complete. I am also happy to provide a super bill for out of network reimbursement and can accept your HSA card for payment. 

If you'd like to bill your private insurance: I currently lack the administrative staff to call to check benefits for every inquiry. Please call your insurance customer service and verify the benefits and limits for both massage therapy (97124) and manual therapy (97140). Also check if you've met your deductible for the year and any copay or coinsurance information. An additional question to ask is whether there are any special requirements for the massage therapist billing for these services such as a prescription from a doctor or seeing another provider on the same day. Every plan is different and the more information we know about your plan the more likely they will end up paying for services. If you haven't met your deductible please be aware that my cash rate is lower than my contracted insurance rate. If you're unable to do this for any reason please reach out to me via email and I am happy to help.