A swedish massage being performed.

I am currently teaching Foundations of Massage, Therapeutic Relationships, and Common Conditions at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland OR. I have recently developed a Myofascial Release elective which I plan to offer as part of the curriculum next term. I am honored to be able to offer the wisdom and experience of my practice to aspiring massage therapists.


Professional Continuing Education

Coming Soon. 

Please contact me to get on mailing list for future classes.

*Introductory Embodied Myofascial Therapies

    (required prerequisite for all other classes)

*Myofascial Therapies for Breast and Lymphatic Wellness

*Myofascial Therapies for Mentrural Wellness

*The Ethics of Communication and Consent

*Monthly Study Sessions

     **theme varies by month, offered to those who have taken intro

     **These will be 4 hour weekend classes

     **Will include 1 hour of ethics and communication credits.