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Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release 
Trigger Point
Scar Release 

Cupping / Guasha
Breast Massage

Jenny Crain LMT
(OBMP# 26817)

Jenny is a Soft Tissue Tamer and Energy Worker.   She can work with any pressure preference.  She is best known for very slow, deep, detailed and targeted work to address old and new pain patterns in her clients.  


Her modalities include deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, scar release, cupping, gua sha and myriad energetic techniques used to bring harmony and balance to her clients. Through a trauma-informed lens, each massage will be specially tailored to each individual, depending on their specific needs and preferences.  


As a forever student, she has been picking up countless tools for her healing practice over the years, including but not limited to:  Training in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and Teishin techniques, Reiki master training (1997 and 2017), sound therapy with acu-tuning forks and a year-long mentorship with Shayne Case.  


In between times, she has traveled to over 25 countries, taken care of remote properties and land, and has been on countless wilderness adventures.   She has a BA in studio painting and  graduated with over 800 hours of training in massage therapy at East West College of Healing Arts. 



In her free time, Jenny will most likely be found spending time with her loved ones, making art and music, or adventuring through the wild forests of the PNW with her dogs, in search of tiny lakes and mighty waterfalls. 

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