•Somatic Bodywork
•Nervous System Restoration
•Myofascial Release 
•Acupressure / Meridian •Therapy
•Proprioceptive •Neuromuscular Facilitation
•Deep Tissue (with gentle    pressure!)
•Cupping / Guasha
•Therapeutic and Relaxation  Massage

Jessica John They/Them
OBMT # 26604

About Me:

My guiding principles as a bodywork practitioner:

My intent as a practitioner is to assist clients in increasing their sense of self-awareness, ease and comfort within their bodies. We have one body in this lifetime, and it is through our bodies that we experience the world around us. Our bodies can be our greatest strength and trusted ally if we allow and listen for what they perceive and communicate.  

Trust in our practitioner / client relationship is foundational to healing because it is within this container of safety that the body can release its armor and allow the inner physician to come forth and heal from within. If there is trust that no harm will come from the relationship, the body can more easily enter deep states of relaxation and restore itself to cellular level health.

Massage – that is, mindful, non-judgmental, educated touch and presence holding -- enables and empowers us to bring awareness and compassion to dissociated parts of ourselves. By reexperiencing the dissociated body in a safe environment, we have the ability to resolve tension and pain due to physical, emotional, psychological, developmental, embryonic, even intergenerational trauma, to a greater sense of wholeness, resiliency, safety, and compassionate care and love for oneself, and our interconnected humanity.


Who can benefit from working with me?

We are living in challenging times and healing is hard work! I am honored to support those who are navigating periods of major life stress, transitions, and transformative growth. If you’re feeling disconnected, stuck, overwhelmed, or otherwise inexplicably uncomfortable and out of sorts, a session with me can be a uniquely moving and deeply healing experience.

I have experience treating a wide range of issues and can help effectively address and resolve chronic patterns of complex emotional and physical pain, stress, anxiety, grief, depression, PTSD, somatic trauma, chronic and acute injuries, headaches, arthritis, postural imbalances, head/neck/back pain, fatigue and general ennui. 

I work well with folks who are aware of their bodies (and most likely, their pain) and are seeking support in resolving long standing discomforts.  Together, we can expect to have a “conversation” – your body, your brain, my touch -- in places of holding that gently help you reconnect with and “remember” yourself. 

Clients who are working with a counselor or other mental health practitioner may find sessions with me to be particularly helpful in surfacing subconscious, pre-verbal, or otherwise developmental or epigenetic trauma that is creating undesired physical and emotional holding patterns. Bodywork sessions with me can be an excellent adjunct to other therapy programs, and I am happy to collaborate with your care team at your request. 

What you can expect:

Generally speaking, I support healing transformation by guiding your brain to become aware of your somatic (body) self. Depending on your goals, I bring a wealth of tools to support our work together, including principles from craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, facilitated unwinding, somatic embodiment, meridian therapy, acupressure, manual lymph drainage, deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular proprioception, reflexology, guasha, cupping and mindful relaxation techniques. 

Scientifically speaking, my touch stimulates your various internal systems -- musculoskeletal, nervous, lymphatic, visceral, etc. – which creates a motor input through your nervous system to your brain, which elicits a novel sensory response and cellular connection between your brain and your body as the neural pathways are stimulated and your sensory body is consciously brought “online”.  

Energetically speaking, I maintain a neutral and quiet physiological listening presence that mirrors and follows your inner physician. The inner physician is the somatic sense that exists within each of us that supports resiliency and healing throughout our lifetime. In this way, my presence acts like a flashlight guide, grounding and illuminating, as you experience your bodymind in new or previously forgotten ways.  Because I’m following (and not overriding) your body’s signals for ease and tension, it means you’ll release and heal only what you’re ready for – making this work incredibly safe and empowering. Since your system is in control, healing can be profoundly deep and long-lasting.

Who am I and how did I get here?

I’m an Oregon native and love living life near, in and on water. 

I ascribe to a Daoist perspective of life and the universe – namely, there is a place for all things -- thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences-- and within that, I find my peace and balance. 

I completed my massage certification at East West College of the Healing Arts where I also studied craniosacral and myofascial release. I am an avid student of Eastern philosophy and medicine, and my practice draws influence from a variety of touch and psychological modalities that I’ve both studied and received. 

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I spent nearly a decade in supply chain management, corporate analytics, and health insurance administration, where I gained respect and critical perspective on our country’s allopathic approach to healthcare. I also spent many formative years immersed in culture and community in Northeast China, where I formed appreciation for holistic, salutogenic models for health and wellness.

What feels like several lifetimes ago, I received my bachelor’s degree from Willamette University in Mathematics, with studies in Chinese and Art. The liberal arts training to read widely, form and test inferences, develop logical arguments, and discern patterns and relationships among disparate concepts has grounded my adult learning and is presciently foundational to both my bodywork and spiritual practice. 

Why Massage?

Embodiment through massage therapy and somatic mindfulness saved my life. 

I spent the first portion of my life on the trajectory I thought I was supposed to follow – good grades, regular job promotions, reward in the form of more responsibility – accumulating external accolades designed to prove that my life and existence were worthy. Despite my best efforts, by my early-30s, I was unfulfilled, burnt out, and disconnected from my body. Depression numbs the ability to feel, and my life felt exceedingly dark and meaningless. 

It wasn’t until a series of massages I had sought for stress relief that I actually began to become aware of and “feel” myself. Along my journey living with chronic depression and anxiety, bodywork has been an essential tool in reclaiming my sense of self, opening me to a full and brave emotional life, enabling me to inhabit my whole body, heal through intense psychological and epigenetic wounds, trauma, and pain, and empowering me to deconstruct and release that which does not serve me, and in its place, create a fully present life worth living. Through healing touch, I have graciously been able to get to know, integrate and develop compassion for my whole, imperfect, and magical self. 

I am fascinated and in awe of the complexity, power, and resilience of the human body and divine spirit within each of us. As a tremendous bodymind nerd, I feel privileged and humbled to use my experiences to create healing space and opportunity for others to hopefully find their own love, respect and home for themselves within their bodies.


If my approach and experience resonates with you, I encourage you to schedule a session with me. You are also always welcome to reach out with specific questions to see if we are a good fit (jessicaj@ritualunawellness.com).


Whenever you are ready, I will meet you where you are. Until then, may you find ease and joy along the way.