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Johanna Wright she/her
Author, Creative Coac
h, Guide

Johanna Wright is an energy worker, author, illustrator and intuitive coach. She helps folks use creative self-healing tools to connect with the deepest parts of themselves that need attention, acceptance, guidance and connection. 


About a decade ago Johanna’s body and mental health started to break down from stress and unprocessed emotion. 


This led Johanna on a deep dive into learning and experiencing everything she could about consciousness healing. She explored and trained in energy medicine, community healing, channeling, psychedelic medicine, creative visualization and intuitive journaling. 


It wasn't until Johanna combined her art with her passion for energy healing, did she feel like she  was expressing her true self.


Now she's connecting others with their own creative and healing powers through intuitive coaching, oracle cards, energy work, classes, books, artwork and journaling.

Johanna has authored and illustrated over ten books, including the illustrated journal, The Magic of Mindset, A Journal to Get Unstuck, and Creative Consciousness Healing; A 44-Card Oracle Deck and Guidebook for Self-Healing and Self-Care. Johanna has been published by Scholastic, Penguin, Roaring Brook Press, Simon and Schuster and Boyds Mills Press and has sold thousands of original pieces of artwork worldwide. Johanna has collaborated on painting projects that have appeared in print in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and O Magazine.

Johanna’s work is dedicated to guiding all beings back to their true self and worthiness. Integrity, compassion, anti-racism, inclusion, creativity and growth are the primary values Johanna brings to her life and work.

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