Custom Massage Training for

Partners and Friends

Custom, fun, supportive, individualized training in massage and gentle myofascial techniques to support wellness for family and friends. This is a amazing way to take your wellness home and support one another. Specialized prenatal massage support also available. 

This is not a professional level training. I will show you techniques and strategies to offer safe, effective, and customized care to your loved ones. A massage table at home is recommended. With or without a table at home I will show you strategies to maintain comfortable body positions, reduce fatigue, and prevent injuries while offering at home massage to your loved ones. 

$250 2 hour training including a custom massage plan based on the needs of your partner. 

Shirtless young african man getting a message on his upper back.
A Cup of tea with a book and yellow flowers.

Small Group Herbal Classes

Come together to create a custom herbal tea, tincture, honey, or salve. These are fun, celebratory, and straightforward classes open to both beginners and experienced herbal practitioners. We will dive into a particular topic during each class and come away with new ideas, inspirations, and a custom formula or two to take home. 


*Herbs for Restlessness and Sleep

*Herbs and Ritual for Grief and Loss

*Moon herbs for Menstrual Support

*Prenatal and Postpartum Teas

*Herbs for Healing the Heart

*Herbs to Support Brain Health

*Inflammation and Tissue Support


*Due to covid 19 safety protocols I am offering herbal classes to small household groups only. Eventually I hope to open these classes to the public.