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Roxanne O'Hara she/her

LMT, Herbalist, Educator

OBMT license #18908


I've been practicing massage and bodywork since 2002 when I graduated from Heartwood Institute of Massage in the mountains of Northern CA. 

I grew up in a small farm town in eastern CA and had very little exposure to massage or natural healing. I was given the gift, however, of spending a great deal of time outside in nature as a young person and found that I had a strong connection with places and plants. I began studying herbalism, yoga, and nutrition from books as a teen and dreamt of studying natural medicine in some capacity. 


I began taking college classes at the age of 16 and was especially interested in anthropology. Due to the small and sheltered community I grew up in I had very little access to alternative ideas and lifestyles though I intuitively knew I didn't fit into the space I occupied at the time. Anthropology and the college in general exposed me to other ideas, philosophies, and belief systems than the ones I knew up until that time. I found myself very interested and engaged with the practices of traditional folk medicine and hands on healing.


When I was 19 I learned of a massage school nestled in the mountains up north and I decided to go. I spent a year living in community and studying bodywork with an amazing group of people and exceptional teachers. Since that time I have continued to grow and deepen my skills and connection with touch therapies.


I've studied somatic approaches, cranial sacral, myofascial release, prenatal/postpartum, and women's health at length. I have also studied how trauma is stored within and released from the body and worked with many many people over the past 19 years to reshape their relationships with pain, their body experience, and their ability to be present in the world with the simple and profound methods of bodywork I have learned and developed. Over those years I also developed and deepened my relationship with plant medicine and spent time as a clinical herbalist in a medical clinic in addition to developing a strong personal practice of growing, harvesting, and processing herbal medicine. For me the healing work I do is very much my life's work. It embodies my spirituality, creativity, intellect, and connection. I am humbled and grateful to offer the medicine I have to the world. 

Early in 2020 I relocated from Eugene, OR to Oregon City, OR. It has been a difficult year to transition but it feels like transition is what this year has been all about. After many years of teaching the occasional herbal or bodywork class I've recently begun teaching massage at East West College, and am developing a massage practice where I can build a beautiful, safe, and inspiring healing space that I can share with both clients and other therapists. It is my goal to soon open RituaLuna Wellness to other practitioners and continue to deepen and cultivate the sacredness of this space

My Bodywork:

For nearly 20 years I have devoted myself to advancing my healing arts practice through the study and application of many advanced methods of bodywork, embodied anatomy, dance, somatics, and herbal medicine; in addition to constantly working to develop my inner strengths and intuitive abilities through meditation, magic, personal inquiry, academic pursuits, and being the recipient of profound healing experiences and therapies.


I have gradually synthesized my offerings into a method of gentle and intuitive bodywork that holds and respects the whole person; always meeting clients where they are while gently encouraging profound growth, deep lasting change, inner and outer freedom, and a renewed relationship with body, mind, and spirit that pours forth affecting every aspect of life. 

When I first studied massage therapy, one of my teachers told me that whatever we are doing and however advanced our therapies become, our only goal is to create space. This strikes me now as one of the most true statements I have encountered about healing.


Our bodies, emotions, and psyches naturally seek balance and freedom. When we are allowed the full depth of our existence we are able to return to natural ease. There are many pieces to put back together to create the wholeness that we seek. Thinking, feeling, relationships, livelihood, physical restrictions in our bodies, biochemical factors, nutrition, sense of place, our personal traumas and intergenerational traumas all play a part in our ability to heal. The healing journey is complex and ever changing but it can also be beautifully simple. We are strong and resilient beings descended from untold generations of survivors. It is in our very essence to become whole, to live life with vigor, greatness, and joy. 

Throughout my years of practice I have studied the intricate details of anatomy, physiology, and the biomechanics of movement. I am fascinated with the strength, delicate grace, and resiliency of the living body and have invested deeply in this knowledge and understanding for the benefit of my clients. The deeper my studies have taken me the more simple the answers have become.

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