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Illustration of a woman oulined in front of the galexy with two flowers over her breasts.

Breast Care

We offer myofascial and visceral therapies to treat breast tissue along with the other women's health care we offer. This can be beneficial for various reasons including general immune / lymphatic health (I don't think I'm allowed to say that this could help prevent the build-up of congestion that could lead to cancer but there is some interesting research regarding the immune responses of changing the interstitial environment, see the links tab for resources), releasing scar tissue, softening the fascia after radiation therapy, painful/fibrocystic breasts, breastfeeding/latching issues, and postural restrictions affecting shoulders and neck. Like all our work, this is a gentle, effective, and safe approach to hands-on healing work. Permission/consent for touch, pressure, and technique is always yours to give or revoke. We want to support your healing and help you feel safe and empowered in all the work we do. We are happy to offer a consultation to address any questions or concerns and to learn if this work is for you. 

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