•Swedish Massage
•Deep Tissue
•Myofascial Release
•Tui Na
(Traditional Chinese Meridian Massage)

Sarah Boeres she/her
OBMT license #26516

Sarah recently joined RituaLuna Wellness and we are so excited to have her and eager to help her fill her schedule. She if offering 20% off her first one hour session at this time. 

About Me:


I attended East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland. I studied with incredibly intuitive and compassionate teachers, including mentorship from Roxanne. 


I grew up in a small town in upstate New York where community support and hospitality were instilled as core values. In the same town, I got a Bachelor’s degree with focused studies in sociology and psychology. After graduating college, I spent some time travelling and exploring different cities of the world and landed in Portland as the place to set down roots and call my forever home. 

After working and managing kitchens during much of this time exploring, I developed chronic overuse pain that massage and other alternative therapies have been incredibly helpful in addressing. 


With continued interest in somatic and holistic healing and how they affect both the individual and society as a whole, I have been reading and following the works of current and renowned psychologists, healers and researchers. 


With my combined passions in community support, the mind-body connection and intuitive ways to relieve pain and create more ease in movement, it seemed an obvious choice to pursue bodywork as a career. 


My Bodywork: 


With a core focus on client centered and trauma informed treatment, I offer a gentle and nurturing approach to the body. I love to focus my sessions on myofascial and restorative swedish massage and I also have experience with structural bodywork, tui na and deep tissue massage. 


I blend my knowledge and skills from all these modalities into my sessions, offering focus on areas that call for it and integrating the entire body. Although the majority of my sessions tend to focus on restorative work that supports the nervous system as well as the muscles and fascia, there are times where I may use deeper pressure in focused work, within the levels of what is enjoyable for you. 


You’ll find with my work that I have a warm and intuitive approach to bodywork that meets the needs of each client’s body, mind and soul. I’m greatly looking forward to working with you soon!