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•Swedish Massage
•Deep Tissue
•Myofascial Release
•Tui Na
(Traditional Chinese Meridian Massage)

Sarah Boeres LMT she/Her
OBMT #26516

Sarah has returned from leave and is now accepting new clients

About Me:

Massage therapy is the unsung hero of the health industry. It has the ability to affect the nervous system and allow our bodies to let go of the stress it chronically holds onto, create structural change in symptomatic postural deviations, calm digestive ailments, support organ function, improve our mood, and most notably- ease pain and increase mobility. 
It is first hand experience of these benefits and truly understanding the necessity of having massage as part of the healing and maintenance of my body that I decided to pursue a career where I could offer these same benefits to those who are seeking support in their healing journey. 
Prior to starting this journey, I suffered from chronic tendinosis in my right arm, carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand, a pinched ulnar nerve in both arms as well as chronic low back, hip, knee, neck and shoulder pain. These have all been my teachers. It has been an incredible journey to learn how and why we experience pain and the holistic approaches we can take to both relieve the symptom of pain and more meaningfully, find the root cause and begin to heal from there. 
My body work: 
I believe wholeheartedly in the mind-body connection and the power of healing in community and these values are brought into all of my sessions. Massage can be vulnerable for many people for infinite reasons and I make sure to remain trauma informed with all my clients, offering a safe and calm space. My body work is slow and intentional, allowing for deep relaxation and addressing each specific body’s needs. 
The different modalities I incorporate are based on listening and presence and each session will be guided by each individual’s unique needs: 
Myofascial Release, a deeply intuitive and gentle modality addressing the fascia (a systemic web of connective tissue with significantly more pain receptors than muscle) which is where our body holds trauma and our postural patterning gets “stuck”
Tui Na, a more rigorous style of massage focusing on balancing the energy throughout the body through addressing the meridians or channels of energy and fascia in the body. 
Neuromuscular, using a mix of contractions, stretching and triggerpoint therapy to reeducate the neural pathways so our muscles can learn to let go when they are chronically guarding. 
Swedish and Deep Tissue, addressing the entire body with deeply relaxing and satisfying strokes to improve muscle tone and circulation.

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