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Integrative Massage

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There are many components of a great massage and the needs of each individual are different. We strive to really listen to those needs while balancing our knowledge of the body and the effects of certain techniques with gentle and loving touch to balance all aspects of your experience. We typically offer a slower pace and medium pressure in a way that effectively engages the fascia to create long-term restoration for the muscles, joints, and connective tissues while revitalizing the nervous system and allowing the mind to find rest and softness. We strive to make sure that each individual is getting exactly what they need from each massage and ask for feedback around pressure and pace so that we can tailor your massage to your needs and desires on any given day.
A great deal of intention and presence goes into creating a wonderful massage experience. A massage therapist needs to be healthy, grounded, and clear in body and mind which takes time and preparation so that we can show up for you to meet your needs. If you have a certain intention be it relaxation, healing trauma, support for depression or anxiety, experiencing safe touch, etc please let us know. It is always helpful if we can put our hearts into what you're needing that day.

It is recommended that if you want a very thorough full-body massage you schedule a 90 minute session. In 60 minutes we can offer thorough care to a couple key areas of the body along with broad attention and relaxing massage strokes to integrate the whole. Often people may want to experience cranial sacral, pelvic wellness, or myofascial release along with traditional massage. We can absolutely offer these techniques integrated with a more complete wellness massage. Please just tell us what you are looking for and how we can best support your needs for that day. If you are looking for very deep pressure please contact us to make sure we are a good fit prior to scheduling your massage. 


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