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Herbal Consultations 

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Together, with a spirit of creativity and collaboration, we will evaluate your current state of health, goals and desires, pertinent medical history, and plant/taste affinities to create an accessible plan for improving nutrition, health, and wellness through the incorporation of manageable lifestyle changes and herbal remedies in the form of teas, tinctures, recipes and more. Herbal medicine can be very useful for improving overall health and vitality as well as in addressing various imbalances of the body, mind and emotions. We can develop simple remedies for many common issues, building immunity, and improving general organ and bodily functions.


What To Expect


You will be sent some general intake paperwork to fill out and email back to me before our appointment. Please be prepared to take your time in filling this out. It will help me to do any necessary research and evaluation before your appointment. If, for any reason, filling out the paperwork is a burden please let me know and we can do the initial intake over the phone. The appointment itself will be between 30 and 60 minutes and we will go over any health conditions, goal setting, and specific interests and affinities as well as some initial ideas and suggestions, your preferred method of herbal consumption , as well as some practical planning regarding how to incorporate these changes into your everyday life. 

Within 2-3 days of your appointment you will receive a more thorough written plan including pertinent articles and references, resources for herbs and supplements, recipes, a daily supplementation schedule, nutrition strategies, and more.


You can also expect a follow up phone call or email (your choice) about 2 weeks after our appointment to see how implementation is going, assess the effectiveness of the strategies we developed, and make any alterations for moving forward. 


The consultation fee includes my time and expertise and does not include herbal products which may or may not be available for a separate cost from my apothecary. I am happy to create custom formulas at a separate fee which covers cost of materials and my time or I may suggest herbs and supplements that can be procured from other sources. Alternatively we may decide to schedule a time to harvest certain plants together and learn about them in their natural environments.  


**Herbal medicine is not a replacement for medical evaluation and care. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional in the case of concerning medical issues. I reserve the right to request medical evaluation before proceeding with herbal treatment in the case of serious health issues.**

A biography of Roxanne O'Hara as an herbalist

I have always loved plants. I spent my time wandering in gardens, woods, and creek beds as a child I had a natural affinity for the plant kingdom. The complex and intricate beauty of flowers and the tiny details of mosses and the changing habits of leaves were all very apparent to me from a young age. I felt communication between myself and the plant life around me and I thrived in the quiet I experienced when I tuned into that communication.


I first came to herbal medicine as a method of becoming sovereign in my relationship to my own health. I was deeply interested in the idea of being able to utilize the plants growing in gardens and nature to be able to address simple health concerns. I had a very painful gynecological issue in my teens through my mid thirties which left me in debilitating pain with no clear answers being offered by modern medicine. I found that using herbs to improve my nutrition, overall health, and to manage pain was the only accessible and useful approach.


My herbal studies continued and advanced as I began attending herbal conferences, taking community classes, and working with elder community members more experienced in plant medicine than I was. I began growing, harvesting and processing much of the plant medicine I used. I experimented creating various types of tinctures, syrups, salves, and teas. I loved the creative process and the community that formed around herbalism. It was a community of curious, self reliant, strong, irreverent yet deeply connected people with whom I felt a natural affinity. 

For me, one of the most important aspects of herbal medicine is the potential for open access and self/community reliance. I believe in medicine that grows around us, is free, and easily accessible. I know there are many wonderful herbal medicines that grow around the world and that they can help people with a great many health issues. I know there are many wonderful products available and that there are many highly trained sophisticated herbal practitioners making complex and effective medicines. I know all this and don't disparage these approaches but my love is in the weeds. In the simple garden remedies and kitchen cupboard cures. 

I believe that our most potent medicine is in the relationships we form with the living earth around us: be that within cities, farms, deserts, or woods. That when we can drink the tea and sit with the flower and cultivate the soil we are able to find the most profound benefit. I believe that plant medicine is not simply a more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals but can offer us a profound ability to heal from the inside and to learn from the living earth in which we make our homes. 

My practice as an herbalist advanced swiftly and dramatically when I joined the herbal treatment team of Occupy Medical, a free street outreach clinic in Eugene OR. I worked with an amazing team of herbalists, physicians, nurses, community activists, and clients turned volunteers My role was offering free herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle support to whomever was in need as well as offering botanical based wound and foot care to vulnerable folks. We primarily served the unhoused and underserved population of Eugene as well as many undocumented folks who were wary of other heath clinics. I worked most weekends for about 4 years as well as offering my time in a youth transition space.

Working along side an exceptional team of herbalists with varying backgrounds and skills as well as Doctors and Nurses was a once in a lifetime opportunity I am forever grateful for. I learned a great deal about treating the whole human being without judgement or expectation. I learned to sit with people experiencing suffering and offer understanding, care, and authenticity. I learned to listen to people's actual needs and situations without my own agenda getting in the way. I learned a lot about what actually works in different situations. I saw up to 20 people in a day, many returning with feedback, some traveling through never to be seen for a follow up. I learned to address nutrition and overall health within the contexts of what people could actually achieve given their particular circumstances. I learned to be patient and know that everyone has their own burdens. I worked with people in active addiction, in early recovery, in withdrawal. I worked with people I didn't like and people I adored with the same care and hope for successful outcomes. 


I also learned a lot about herbal wound care. I worked in that tent a lot, mostly solo for about a year offering foot soaks, irrigation, plasters, and poultices for various types of wounds, infections, and skin issues. I tended people who had been turned away from the hospital with great success. I learned a lot about how well herbs actually work to address so many things. 

Now I am trying to get back to the roots of herbalism for myself. Spending time with the plants, tending gardens and woods, listening and watching. I have a small apothecary and can create custom formulations for those interested in nurturing a relationship between self, plant, and health. I am also very interested in facilitating communication and intuition between those interested and the plant world. I hope to begin to offer some classes in plant identification, medicine making, embodiment in plant/human communication, and maybe other things.