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-Manual Lymphatic    Drainage
-Craniosacral Therpies
-Holistic Pelvic Care ™
-Energetic Bodywork
-Shamanic Healing
-Breast Care

Magidah Crow LMT she/Her
OBMT # 7603

About Me:

Magidah Crow is a teacher and healer who facilitates the reconnection of women back to themselves.  Her unique experience as dancer, bodyworker and energy medicine practitioner guide her practice and are the basis of customized healing sessions.   These sessions are designed to remind the body how to be in balance and alignment, tapping into the inherent wisdom that all our bodies contain.

Magidah has danced all her life and was a professional belly dancer for over a decade.  She has taught hundreds of women to be in their bodies and move from the foundation of their pelvic floors.  The use of breath and movement is both simple and profound, bringing awareness into the body and simultaneously balancing the physical form. She cultivates the potency of these principles and applies them intuitively through her hands, allowing the body to recognize its current patterning. This becomes the 'pebble in the pond' which begins the rippling of unwinding, re-aligning and re-patterning according to the body's internal wisdom.

As a bodyworker, Magidah specializes in  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Polarity Therapy and  Holistic Pelvic Care™. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) stimulates the lymphatic system using gentle, rhythmic circular movements.  At rest, the overall activity of one's lymphatic network is only using 20% of its capacity.  MLD increases the overall activity in the lymphatic pathways in order to support healing and reduce inflammation. The gentleness of the technique combined with the rhythmic, repetitive nature of this modality is a soothing tonic for the nervous system, and is both relaxing as well as restorative. 

CranioSacral therapy works through the subtle rhythms of the cranial bones and the sacrum to effect body-wide changes using the pathways of the central nervous system.  Using gentle, supportive hand positions on the head and sacrum, the practitioner listens through their hands to find the ebb and flow of the cranial movements.  Restrictions are identified and allowed to unwind, facilitated by subtle feedback and support. Myofascial Release techniques use these principles of the body's rhythms and restrictions as well, and can be applied to the fascial layers throughout the musculoskeletal system.  This work is NOT a deep tissue treatment, but rather a listening and facilitating to allow the tissues to unwind and re-align according to the innate power to remember balance.

Polarity therapy is a holistic rebalancing of the energetic meridians of the body using the natural polarities that exist in the body.  The nervous system sends its signals using basic electrical impulses, and the fascial systems have been shown to have piezoelectric properties.  This means that when pressure is applied to fascial layers of the body, the pressure can introduce an electrical transmission through the affected fascial layers/tracts.  Different zones of the body have a more positive or negative charge in relation to other zones of the body. The pratictioner uses these natural zones and meridians to identify energetic imbalances and facilitate restoration of balance.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a holistic approach to the physical and energetic health of the pelvic bowl.  Pioneered by Tami Kent, this modality uses gentle intervaginal massage techniques as well as breathwork and guided visualizations to balance and align various aspects of the female pelvis. This brings alignment and energetic flow to the foundation of both our bodies and our creativity:  the pelvic bowl.  It may also help strengthen core muscle stability, address pelvic imbalance, enhance your pelvic vitality, improve sensation while reconnecting women to the beauty and power of their pelvic bowls.

Magidah works with the sacred medicine of energy healing practices. Working with wise and ancient energies, all of her treatment sessions are guided by her connection to the Universal Source and in sacred and reverent space. 

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