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Morgan Gallgher LMT they/them
OBMT # 26555 

My bodywork practice includes myofascial release, craniosacral, gua sha, acupressure, as well as Reiki energy healing that can be offered by itself or integrated into a session. I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in summer 2021 and have continued my training in myofascial release therapies, Reiki, Taoist Medical Qigong and acupressure. I welcome all genders and walks of life. I have an affinity for supporting those with chronic pain, sensitive nervous systems, abdominal discomfort, as well as those recovering from trauma as I have experienced all this in my own body and have found relief through receiving the kind of bodywork I now offer.




Bodywork approach and experience




I offer gentle and deeply therapeutic bodywork that honors your body’s innate wisdom to release restrictions and restore balance for the nervous system. I approach sessions with a grounded presence and intuitive touch to meet the varying needs of anybody who enters my treatment room. As you are the expert of your own body, we work together to co-create an experience that aligns with your intentions for healing. I don’t assume to know how this will go, as every one is unique, each session is an opportunity to discover something new. Listening to the body, holding a space of receptivity with supportive presence. Following the cues of body language in the natural direction of release, approaching with curiosity and being in awe as the body spontaneously works it's restorative magic. 




I am currently a student of the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School, learning Taoist Medical Qigong, self-cultivation, meditation, philosophy and so much more. This continued study and daily practice brings me into greater alignment with natural rhythms, encourages healthy growth in relationships, and fortifies me from within. This informs my bodywork practice as I become more familiar with the ways Qi, our vital energy, flows through the body. I sense the qi and can offer intentional touch to encourage shifts to unlock blockages and open the pathways for smooth circulation and flow. I am happy to offer qigong self-care practice suggestions suited to your body's qi needs, if you are interested.


Herbal Medicine Practice


I love plants! They bring me joy every day and offer insight into what’s happening in the ever-evolving rhythm of nature. The plant people are always in tune, sharing their beauty freely and enhancing their environment with their life-essence. I feel most at ease in nature, and I have found profound support through the plant world. For years I was suffering from persistent depression, anxiety, digestive and gynecological issues, various infections, and ever-changing chronic pain, by conditions unexplained or deemed “incurable” by most western doctors. So, I got curious in my early teen years, about herbalism, the magic and medicine of plants, and the art and science of real potion-making.

When I was 15 I met a woman, D’Ana Valenzuela who became my first mentor in the healing arts and a dearest friend. She taught me the importance of reciprocity, how to grow medicinal food, to recognize many wild allies, to make offerings to the plants, to harvest with respect, to prepare potent home remedies, and so much more. In 2017 I furthered my studies with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes of the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine through a 4 month intensive certification program for clinical energetic herbalism, a deep dive into the multi-faceted practice of herbalism in a way that truly honors plant life. 

I have been learning and working with plant medicine for over 12 years and with great joy continue to connect and deepen my relationships with the plants every day. My intention is to work with herbs and humans in a holistic way, honoring the interconnectedness of body-emotions-mind-spirit-environment and the intelligence of nature to guide us in living more harmoniously. Since we are inherently unique, imbalance and dis-ease show up differently in each of us, and I believe I have an eye for seeing which plants may be a good match to support your wellness goals. 


Please inquire at if you are interested in working together with herbs to see I will be a good fit. These services are not available through online booking



•Myofascial Release

•Herbal Medicine

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