We approach massage therapy in a uniquely sensitive, slow, and thorough way. We believe in the body's innate inspiration toward healing, wellness, and wholeness. We believe that all bodies have the capacity to direct their own healing. We strive to understand the language of the individual healing journey. We actively listen to that intelligence so that we can offer what's needed in each moment and for each individual. We strive to balance relieving tension, pain, and imbalance in the body by offering nurturing, care, and integration for the nervous system and spirit. We believe that bodywork and massage can be effective and have lasting effects without added pain. In 20 years of practice, I have treated a wide range of conditions and imbalances of the body and mind; offering long-term and thorough effects with subtle, grounding, and enjoyable touch. I have built and cultivated RituaLuna Wellness based on these understandings. We do not believe therapeutic massage must be hard and painful to be effective. At RituaLuna Wellness we allow the body to gently unfold the deepest muscles and fascia without force by taking our time and honoring your body and yourself as complete, whole, and wise.

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Integrative Massage

Holistic and deeply relaxing restorative massage focused on your specific concerns and goals. I strive to offer the pressure, pace, and approach that will offer you the best care for your individual body and mind. In general, the massage I offer is a calming, grounding, and nurturing experience utilizing medium/firm pressure as well as a thorough understanding of anatomy and tension patterns to help melt away everyday aches and bring you into deeper awareness and alignment with your body. I can also incorporate myofascial and cranial-sacral techniques within a full body massage if you wish and can offer special attention to areas of pain and imbalance. (90 minutes recommended for maximum satisfaction). Learn More

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is is a holistic hands on technique of massage which offers lighter touch with deep intention to slowly but effectively stretch, repattern, and release the connective tissues in the body to realign posture, improve flexibility, and significantly reduce pain. MFR utilizes the natural tendency of the connective tissue to unwind, expand, and reorganize itself when gentle and sustained pressure is applied. It is often very effective for those for whom other types of massage and bodywork left them in pain. Additionally, MFR can have profound effects on body awareness and the calms the nervous system and is beneficial especially to those who have experienced the impact of trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Learn More

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral utilizes very gentle and highly tuned contact with specific parts of the body including the bones of the skill, spine, sacrum, extremities, and various fascial structures throughout the body to determine the amount, quality, and rhythm of fluid movement or flow in the body. Based on deep listening and assessment the practitioner is able to apply subtle pressure and directional feedback to the structures to encourage balanced and dynamic movement within these structures as well as balanced flow throughout the entire system. Cranial Sacral offers the client both tangible and intangible results including decreased pain and stress, increased body awareness, enhanced balance and spatial awareness, restoration of the nervous system following trauma or injury, as well as a potentially profound inner experience both on and off the table.  Learn More

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Pelvic Visceral

Visceral massage specializes in pelvic pain, menstrual pain/irregularity, and releasing restriction and stagnation in the pelvic region which can contribute to infertility, headaches, digestive issues, menstrual pain/irregularity, pelvic congestion, and a host of reproductive and body-wide concerns. This work is also a wonderful and nurturing way to return to balance, restore sensation, flow, and function after pelvic surgeries of all kinds. Rooted in gentle myofascial touch, chi nei tsang, and detailed anatomical knowledge, this work applies gentle and specific pressure and stretches to the structures and organs within and around the pelvic region to create more space, encourage better flow, release scar tissue, and improve overall reproductive and pelvic health. 

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Holistic Pelvic Care© and Myofascial Release for the Pelvic Floor

Integrated pelvic floor bodywork (for people with vulvas) based both on the principles of Tammy Kent's Holistic Pelvic Care© as well as the subtle structural application of myofascial release and visceral techniques. Sensitive and nurturing body care that addresses the body/mind/spirit through the energetic and physical root of the body to engage deeper awareness and embodiment. This work is safe, patient, and deeply trauma-informed. Receiving pelvic body care can have wide-ranging effects including a reduction in pelvic and menstrual pain, a decrease in scarring and other restricted tissue, an increase in body awareness and sensation, as well as feeling more empowered and at home in your body. To learn more about pelvic wellness click HERE

Myofascial Release for Breast and Lymph Wellness

Holistic myofascial and visceral massage for breasts as well as for those who no longer have them. People may seek this work for numerous reasons including general overall health maintenance and lymphatic wellness, postural restriction in the pectoral and upper back regions, feeding issues, preparation for breast augmentation and other surgeries, and recovery/rehab following medical procedures including cancer treatment and surgeries. Gentle application of fascial release techniques to address the musculature, organ tissues, ducts, lymphatic system, and fascial structures facilitate the release and liberation of this powerful and emotionally active part of the body and can help support the whole body system of flow, movement, and immunity. To learn more about breast wellness click HERE

Prenatal and Postpartum Bodywork and Massage

All of the above therapies are available for prenatal and postpartum folks. Positional and safety accommodations are carefully offered based on the stage of the pregnancy. We approach every pregnant person as an individual and strive to offer you exactly what you need to stay happy, healthy, and pain free throughout your pregnancy. We take special care with certain safety precautions while also applying the most beneficial approaches to addressing pain and facilitating balance. Pelvic floor work is offered primarily toward the end of a pregnancy to help the parent prepare for the physical and emotional experience of birth. Exceptions may be made for in certain instances and with the thumbs up from other care providers. Postpartum application of all of the above therapies can help enormously with restoring balance and ease after birth, the postpartum emotional process, stress, and more.


Pain, Injury, and Trauma Release

All of the above therapies are offered with a strong focus and grounding in trauma informed bodywork. Our therapists have received special informational and embodiment training on working with trauma and we know that trauma responses can come up for many people even if they don't consider themselves a survivor of trauma. We live in a society that is inherently stressful, dangerous, unequal, and imbalanced in many ways and we regard our responsibility to create spaces that are safe, nurturing, and healing as a fundamental responsibility of offering conscious touch to others. Chronic pain, deeply held injury, trauma, and chronic stress can all become embedded in the body, and receiving conscious, centered bodywork therapies on a regular basis can help these experiences lessen in intensity and can facilitate deep healing and restoration of the body, nervous system, and spirit/heart.

Unwinding the body

Somatic Movement

Subtle forms of bodywork such as cranial sacral and myofascial release as well as certain somatic movement practices often facilitate organic movement that arises from a very deep and profound part of the being. This movement can vary in intensity, sensation, and strength but it is a movement that comes directly from the intelligence of your body's own inner healer. We offer this both as a component of a bodywork session as well as in a movement session. These approaches can help facilitate release, restoration, and integration. The result of this deep dive into somatic experience can be fruitful in the healing process and can help lessen pain, stress/anxiety, improve inner awareness, increase confidence and creativity, and help us to ground into the experience of trusting our body's deepest wisdom. 

Bodywork Instruction for Family and Friends

Develop confidence, skill, and intuition when offering massage to family and friends. Bring your spouse, family member, or BFF and learn to address specific concerns while deepening community, inter-reliance, and self-care within your close circle. This is not a professional course and will not enable you to do massage for any financial exchange but will help you grow and develop your skills, knowledge, and body awareness in offering massage to others. Learn some basic anatomy, effective areas to lessen pain, build communication skills, and strategies to prevent pain and fatigue while offering massage. Please contact us directly to set up a tutorial. 

Bodywork Instruction for Professionals

Currently, Roxanne O'Hara teaches massage and ethics at East West College of the Healing Arts as well as offering one on one tutorials to students and other bodyworkers. I am developing a curriculum and plan to start offering continuing education classes in 2021-2022. Stay tuned and sign up for my email list to stay in the loop. Please contact us directly to schedule a tutorial. CEU Hours are available for tutorials. 

Herbal Consultation and Training 

Roxanne has been practicing herbal medicine for between 15 and 20 years (a 5-year learning gradient). During that time, she has grown and made medicine, worked with various kitchen table herbalists, attended conferences and seminars, and offered herbal and nutritional counsel and medicine to the community, family, and the general public including working for a number of years alongside doctors, nurses, community herbalists, and community activists at a street outreach clinic in Eugene. My current interest lies in community somatic herbalism and I strive to offer facilitation of such, training, and consult on a sliding scale basis. Please contact me directly to set up an appointment and read more on the Herbalism Home page on the top of the website. Learn More

Effective and Restorative Treatment for those      experiencing.....


chronic pain · anxiety · depression · grief · fatigue · pelvic issues · menstrual pain and irregularities

headaches · migraines · TMJ · repetitive stress injuries · 

nerve impingement syndromes · frozen shoulder · decreased range of motion · scar release · injury and surgery rehab · prenatal & postpartum massage / rehab / wellness  

restoring & improving functional movement · improving flow · lymphatic wellness

breast health · back · shoulder · neck pain · support for structural alignment

digestive issues · detoxification support (via visceral organs and lymphatic system) 



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