At RituaLuna Wellness we approach healing through slow, intuitive, informed touch. We believe in the innate ability for the body and mind to move toward wholeness, ease, and inspiration and we offer massage and other advanced bodywork therapies to support you in building a healing ritual that can support you through the stress and constant change of this life. We actively listen to our clients’ body wisdom to facilitate lasting and profound change toward wholeness. We strive to offer the best care to support all systems of the body/mind to relieve long standing pain, stress, postural dysfunction, and more. We know from experience that it’s not necessary to go through pain to get out of pain and we have studied and refined techniques that are gentle, trauma informed, and extremely effective for healing, balancing, and realigning the body.

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Integrative Massage

Holistic, effective, and deeply relaxing restorative massage focused on your specific concerns and goals. While all of our therapists have special modalities that we have focused on and refined, we all have a strong foundation in the basics of therapeutic massage. We strive to really listen and understand the needs of the individual while balancing effective pain relief with integration and restoration. Please see the individual therapist's pages for more information on our specific styles and approaches. Learn More

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is is a holistic hands on technique of massage which offers lighter touch with deep intention to slowly but effectively stretch, repattern, and release the connective tissues in the body to realign posture, improve flexibility, and significantly reduce pain. MFR utilizes the natural tendency of the connective tissue to unwind, expand, and reorganize itself when gentle and sustained pressure is applied. Additionally, MFR calms the nervous system and is especially beneficial especially for those who have experienced the impact of trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Learn More

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy offers very gentle and fine-tuned contact with specific parts of the body including the bones of the skull, spine, sacrum, and various soft tissues throughout the body. Listening to the fluid movements of the body, the practitioner offers subtle techniques and facilitated unwinding to allow the body to come back into balance. Craniosacral offers the client both tangible and intangible results including decreased pain and stress, increased body awareness, enhanced balance & spatial awareness, restoration of the nervous system following trauma or injury, as well as profound internal awareness both on and off the table.  Learn More

Pelvic Visceral

Visceral massage works to release restriction and stagnation in the pelvic region which may contribute to infertility, headaches, digestive issues, menstrual pain/irregularity, low back pain and more. This work is also a wonderful and nurturing way to return to balance, restore sensation, flow, and function after pelvic surgeries of all kinds. Rooted in gentle myofascial touch, chi nei tsang, and detailed anatomical knowledge, this work applies gentle and specific pressure and stretches to the structures and organs within and around the pelvic region to create more space, better flow, release scar tissue, and improve overall reproductive and pelvic wellness. 

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Holistic Pelvic Care© and Myofascial Release for the Pelvic Floor

Integrated pelvic floor bodywork (for people with vulvas) based both on my training with Tammy Kent's Holistic Pelvic Care© as well as the subtle structural application of myofascial release and visceral techniques. Sensitive and nurturing intervaginal bodywork that addresses the body/mind/spirit through the energetic and physical root to engage deeper awareness, embodiment, and freedom. This work strives to be safe, patient, and deeply trauma-informed. Receiving pelvic body care can have wide-ranging effects including a reduction in pelvic and menstrual pain, a decrease in scarring and other restricted tissue, increase in body awareness and sensation, feeling more empowered, and increased embodiment. Learn More

Myofascial Release for Breast and Lymph Wellness

Holistic myofascial and visceral massage for breast tissue and following mastectomy. People may seek this work for numerous reasons including general overall health maintenance and lymphatic wellness, postural restriction in the pectoral and upper back regions, chest/breast-feeding issues, preparation and rehab for breast augmentation and other surgeries, and recovery support following medical procedures including cancer treatment. Gentle application of myofascial release techniques to address the musculature, organ tissues, ducts, lymphatic system, and fascial structures facilitate the release and liberation of this powerful and emotionally active part of the body and can help support the whole body system of flow, movement, and immunity. Learn More

Prenatal and Postpartum Bodywork and Massage

All of the above therapies are available for prenatal and postpartum folks. Positional and safety accommodations are carefully offered based on the stage of the pregnancy. We approach every pregnant person as an individual and strive to offer exactly what is needed to stay happy, healthy, and pain-free throughout and following your pregnancy. We offer craniosacral therapy, massage, and gentle myofascial release depending on what is needed to promote comfort, relaxation, and support pain relief. Pelvic floor work is offered primarily toward the end of a pregnancy to help the parent prepare for the physical and emotional experience of birth. Exceptions may be made for in certain instances and with the thumbs up from other care providers.


Pain, Injury, and Trauma Release

One of the major priorities at RituLuna Wellness is to offer all of our massage and bodywork with a strong orientation to trauma-informed care while encouraging and supporting people in their healing and reclamation of their bodies and selves. We know that emotional responses can come up for many people even if they don't consider themselves trauma survivors and we consciously provide space and support for that when needed. Additionally, myofascial release and craniosacral training offers us special tools to directly impact the experience of trauma and stress through techniques such as still point, unwinding, and more. We live in a society that is often stressful, dangerous, unequal, and imbalanced. We regard our responsibility to create spaces that are as safe, nurturing, and supportive as possible as fundamental to offering therapeutic touch. 

Unwinding the body

Somatic Movement

Subtle forms of bodywork such as cranial sacral and myofascial release as well as certain somatic movement practices (Roxanne is a student of Body Mind Centering©) often facilitate organic movement that arises from a very deep and profound part of ourselves. This movement can vary in intensity, sensation, and strength and arises directly from the intelligence of your body's own inner healer. This can arise naturally during a bodywork session and can also be explored more intentionally through facilitated unwinding. The result of this deep dive into somatic unwinding can help repattern movement and postural habits; reduce stress and pain; and profoundly increase physical and emotional awareness. 

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