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Holistic Pelvic Care / Myofascial Pelvic Wellness

We offer a uniquely healing and empowering type of bodywork for the pelvic container, organs, and base. This work is open to anyone with a vulva, based on our training and scope of practice. 

What to Expect

After a thorough intake and opportunity to answer questions and clarify your goals, concerns, and intentions for the session, you will be covered with a sheet and lying semi-reclined or supine on the massage table. The practitioner will talk you through the whole process before we begin and will always ask permission before we begin and before anything changes. We will also remind you that at any point you can ask your practitioner to stop or change anything we are doing. This is your session for your healing and we are only the facilitator. Typically we begin with some work around the belly and external pelvis to address tension and myofascial tightness and neuromuscular holding patterns. We will work with awareness building and centering into this part of the body as well as orienting ourselves to the organs, tissues, and energy body awareness of the pelvic bowl. With active consent and care, we may choose to begin to apply inter-vaginal techniques to address the pelvic floor directly. We will continue to work together to create connections and increase awareness and embodiment as we work in this area. Using gloves and the lubricant of your choice we will apply direct but gentle (to your comfort) pressure on the muscles and fascia of the pelvic floor while assessing tension, pain, and level of sensation. We will collaboratively work through these layers of tension, numbness, pain, etc to encourage a more harmonious relationship between you and your pelvic floor, and pelvic organs. We may work with focused intention on the structural relationship between tissues and organs or we may choose to work more energetically with sense awareness, visualization, and breath work. It is a very individual process and one that is ultimately guided by you. Ongoing comfort and consent is a fundamental component of this work and we encourage our clients to remain as present and aware of what is happening as possible. Receiving touch in this part of the body is defined by your individual needs and your healing intention. Your capacity to choose what is happening throughout this process is in itself a huge part of the healing. Many of us have had experiences that make it difficult to connect with our pelvic regions including pain, trauma, stress, and overall lack of support. Our primary intention with offering this work is to create spaces where people can reconnect and fully embody their whole selves and learn to define their own needs, desires, and intentions through volitional and therapeutic touch. We are happy to discuss your individual concerns and intentions for receiving this work. Please contact us for a consultation.

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