Safety Measures

It is my intention that we maintain the health and sanctity of the treatment space and do everything possible to prevent the transmission of Covid 19 and any other illnesses when we are working together. In the spirit of transparency and collaboration I want to share what I'd doing to help keep us both safe when you come for your session. 

•I ask that everyone who comes to see me wear a 2-3 layer cloth or medical mask during the entire time they are in the building. I require that people wear masks that are safe and appropriate to prevent covid transmission. Bandannas, neck gaiters and fleece balklavas have been shown to not be effective in preventing the transmission of Covid 19. When people are laying face down I do allow you to pull your mask down to make it easier to breathe. I keep an open pillow case in the face cradle to prevent droplett spread when in this position. 

•I wear a medical mask at all times when in my office. 

•I continuously run air filters in the waiting room and both treatment rooms to clean and circulate incoming air. 

•I sanitize the table and all commonly touched surfaces between clients with %80 alcohol and hydrogen peroxide solution.

•Used sheets are stored in covered containers outside of the treatment room.

•Sheets are washed with hot water and soap and then allowed to sit covered for two days before use to prevent any transmission from my home laundry or any laundry service. 

•I send a covid screening 24 hours before your appointment which is required and ask that people take advantage of my policy to please cancel with no charge if you're feeling any kind of unwell and wait 3 days after symptoms subside before receiving treatment. 

•I pledge to cancel our session if I am feeling at all unwell.

•I have recently completed the second vaccination and feel very happy to offer you that security. However, the research on whether or not vaccinated people are able to continue to transmit the virus is not complete. Therefore I will continue to take great care in my personal life and as an instructor to keep myself healthy and safe so that I can support your wellbeing. I observe social distancing and masking at all times while with people outside of my household and the other person in my household does the same. It is my priority to be able to continue to serve you so I don't take unnecessary risks that might promote infection. 

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